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Baby Signs® Potty Training Kit Baby Signs® Potty Training Kit

Price: $39.95

Everything you and your baby need to make potty training fun and easy! This exciting new program combines the power of the Baby Signs® program with developmentally appropriate practices that help babies easily potty train before the age of 2. Highly motivational products with the “Potty Train” theme make this program ideal for children of all ages.

Kit contains:

bulletParent Guide - This straightforward guide from trusted child development experts will help you confidently lead your baby to potty success.
bulletAll Aboard the Potty Train DVD - With its catchy tunes, delightful animation and real kids, this exciting DVD will teach your baby five potty-time signs and reinforce each step of the potty routine.  
bulletAll Aboard the Potty Train Lift-the-Flap Book - Your baby will love discovering the potty-time signs hidden under each flap in this fun and interactive board book featuring the DiaperDoodles™.  
bulletJob Well Done! Stickers - These colorful reward stickers feature fun images and positive messages such as “Good Job!” and “I’m on the Potty Train!”  
bulletAll Aboard the Potty Train Conductor’s Whistle - Whether to signal it’s time to go potty or to “sound the trumpet of success,” this fun-to-blow whistle will put a smile on your baby’s face when it’s potty time.