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Early Childhood Educator Training

The goal of this program is to help child care programs of any size --big or small-- enjoy the benefits that come from incorporating signing into daily interactions between children and teachers. Three levels of training are offered-each lasting 2 to 3 hours-with games, songs, and activities liberally sprinkled through the sessions to keep teachers engaged and excited as they learn.

Becoming a Baby Signs® Certified Childcare Center demonstrates to the families you serve that you are on the cutting edge of supportive, research-based programs to enhance children’s development. Many parents now prefer centers that use sign language to support children’s communication and facilitate their children’s language and pre-reading abilities.


These workshops are based on the work of Dr. Linda Acredolo and Dr. Susan Goodwyn, authors of the best-selling book, BABY SIGNS: How to Talk with Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk, and is supported by 20 years of research.

Proven benefits of the program are:
• Reduces tears and tantrums
• Decreases biting and other aggressive behaviors
• Builds trust between babies and teachers
• Helps caregivers be more observant and responsive
• Promotes positive emotional development
• Provides a common language for teachers, babies and parents in bilingual settings
• Supports language and cognitive development

Once you have successfully completed the training, you will become a Baby Signs® Certified Childcare Center and can use the Baby Signs® Program to enhance the effectiveness of your curriculum.


Training workshops are tailored to your needs.  Core training and follow-up sessions are scheduled as needed.

Tina Voci, your local certified instructor, will present the training and show the staff how to use the resource materials to address the areas of cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and language development within their current curriculum. The sessions are designed to be fun as well as informative, with games, songs, and activities liberally sprinkled through the sessions to keep teachers engaged and excited as they learn.


There are 3 levels of training to choose from, according to what works best for your center.  You can pick the classroom kits and training level independently from one another.

Please call Tina at 954-571-1709 for an appointment and an individual quote.

Level Duration Curriculum Cost
Level 1
Basic Training
2-3 hours Research behind the Baby Signs® programs, how to teach students to sign, many examples. $150
Level 2

Basic Training +

Follow-up & In-service



2-3 hours +

2 hours



see above

Review signs, using signs in daily routine, overcoming obstacles, using themes and activities in lesson planning.

$150 +

Level 3

Basic Training + Follow-up/In-service +

Program fine tuning




2-3 hours +
2 hours +

2 hours




see above
see above

Circle time using baby sign language, instructor to be available for parent Q&A session, instructor observations of the implementation of the Baby Signs® program, discounted Parent Workshop on site.

$150 +
$100 +





There are 3 different classroom kits to choose from, and they may be selected independently from the level of training selected.  All classroom kits include the following standard items:

bulletBeebo™ the Baby Signs® Bear
bulletHiggledy-Piggledy Bobbledy Boop! Music CD
bulletFirst Fun Signs & More Fun Signs Cloth Books
bullet Baby Signs® Quick Reference Guides
bulletMy Baby Signs® DVD, My Mealtime Signs
bullet Baby Signs® Circle Time Books
bulletChild Care Provider Resource CD
bulletWelcome to the Baby Signs® Program DVD (contains a 100 sign dictionary)

  Detailed kit contents are available by clicking on the relative classroom kit links below.


Baby Signs®
 Classroom Kit

$150 click link above for contents listing
Baby Signs®
STANDARD Classroom Kit

$225 click link above for contents listing
Baby Signs®
Classroom Kit

$375 click link above for contents listing
Sign, Say & Play® Classroom Carpet

Click link above for sizes & pricing

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